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A page is the core feature of a wiki. All URLs in a wiki should lead to an editable page so that users can freely create/edit/delete the pages.

A basic page

A page like this one shows you the basic features of DokuWiki. The first header is considered as the title of the page. Basic features in DokuWiki include links and images, but more advanced features are available and these can be extended still further via plugins.


The headings in a page define sections. A section begins with a header and ends at the next header or at the end of the page.

The different sections of a page generate the Table of contents, which you should see at the top right of this page.

Sections can be edited individually, see Section Editing.


The layout of a page is defined not only by its wikitext, but also by its template. This page uses the default template bundled with DokuWiki. More templates can be found here. If none match your need, you also can develop a custom template.

Page lifecycle

Create a page

In DokuWiki, pages are created as in every other wiki. Simply create a link from an existing page to a non-existing page, follow this link, and click on Create this page (on right menu in the default template). This is the most common and recommended way. It ensures all your pages are linked together correctly and you don't create orphans anywhere.

There's also a screencast available explaining it in detail.


There are some alternative ways as well:

  • You may enter the name of a new page directly in the search field, and click the “Search” button and create the new page from the link in the description of the results page. The new page will be named after your query.
  • If you are the webmaster, you can create a .txt file inside the directory (namespace) wherein you want it to reside. The name of the file is the name of the page.
  • Of course you can also open a non-existing page by manually manipulating the URL in your Browser
  • There are also plugins to add a page: See plugins tagged with 'create'

NOTE: Make sure you properly link your newly created page from other pages, when using one of the alternative methods. Otherwise no one may find your page. (Though these pages may still be found by the index feature or through the search engine.)

Edit a page

Editing a page is done by clicking the Edit this page button (on right menu in the default template) unless the page is created.

The creation or editing of a page leads you to an edit window that enables you to enter wikitext. Editing a page consists in putting your text inside the edit area, and adding some markup to enhance its layout.

In order to help you in the editing process, a preview feature enables you to look at the formatted page before saving it.

Once your page does match your criteria, you hit the save button in order to save it. The page is then rendered into HTML, which is the standard output. Note that you can export this page into different formats if you wish.

Delete a page

If you save an empty page, then DokuWiki will delete the page, and the associated pagename. Note that old revisions in the attic remain, this ensures accidentally removed pages can be restored easily.


  • Creating or editing a page requires you to have enough rights to do it. Please refer to ACL to find more about it.
  • The editing of a page can only be done by one person at a time. See locking if you encounter a Page Locked message.
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